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  • Starters
  • Dips/Spreads
  • Soupes/Salates
  • Main Dishes
  • Signature Dishes
  • Pita Sandwiches
  • Pita Pizzas
  • Beverages


Opa! Fries 5.99
You gotta try these! Freshly sliced potatoes topped with crumbled greek feta cheese and a side of our famous Opa! Sauce!


Opa! Spicy Sliders 10.99
Your choice of grilled chicken or gyro meat, served on delicious potato buns and topped with sliced tomatoes, fresh chopped jalapenos and our spicy aioli sauce.


Souvlaki Appetizer 6.99
Your choice of any skewer of marinated chicken, beef or pork topped with fresh lemon juice, olive oil and seasonings, served with warm pita bread and Opa! Olive Medley. (Seafood or lamb skewers are an additional $1.99)


Gyro Meat Platter 11.99
Slices of tender gyro meat served with ripe sliced tomatoes, chopped mint, red onions, tzatziki and sliced pita bread.


Dolmades/Stuffed Grape Leaves 7.99
Grape leaves stuffed with a blend of fresh herbs, spices and rice. Vegetarian version, served cold.

Served warm with mixture of ground beef and lamb. 10.99


Opa! Ribs 10.99
Fallin’ off the bone! Tender braised baby back ribs topped with a sweet Greek honey BBQ sauce. Served with a fennel & cabbage salad and homemade onion rings.


Spanakopita/Spinach Pie Pastry 7.99
Spinach and feta wrapped in a warm flaky phyllo.


Loukaniko/ Greek Sausage 8.99
Two links of traditional vilage pork sausage made with a blend of herbs and spices that will leave your mouth watering. Topped with fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Served with a side of warm pita and our famous Opa! sauce.


Saganaki/ Flaming Cheese 9.99
Grilled Kaseru cheese served on a flaming flat iron skillet with a side of warm pita bread.


Spicy Shrimp Saganaki 10.99
A Greek Island favorite...A blend of Ouzo marinated shrimp, onions, garlic, tomatoes and anaheim chilies, topped with crumbled feta cheese then baked in a hot clay pot. Served with warm pita bread.


Greek Seven Layer Goat Cheese Dip 10.99
This dip is AMAZING! Layers of goat cheese, balsalmic onion tapenade, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, feta cheese and fresh parsley, baked in a hot clay pot. Served with our famous pita bread.


Calamari 9.99
Lightly breaded and seasoned to perfection, topped with fresh lemon juice. Served with spicy cocktail and jalapeno aioli.


Keftedes/ Greek meatballs 8.99
Spiced ground beef and lamb mixed with herbs and spices, simmered and served in our cinnamon spiced marinara sauce and finished with feta cheese crumbles.


Keftedakia 9.99
Mom’s famous meatballs! A blend of lamb and beef infused with Greek spices, bread crumbs and ouzo, topped with a Greek honey drizzle and served with our fresh tzatziki.


Zucchini Chips 8.99
Sliced zucchini chips, served with our skordalia garlic dip.


Zucchini Drops 9.99
Shredded zucchini blended with feta cheese and fresh herbs molded into drops served on a bed of tzatziki, topped with our zesty marinara sauce and finished with fresh mint.


Feta Cheese and Olives 8.99
Try our finest imported feta cheese, paired with our homemade Opa! Olive Medley and warm pita bread.


Horta/ Fresh Swiss Chard 7.99
Mama’s favorite! Sauteed swiss chard tossed in fresh olive oil and garlic, with a zest of lemon juice.


Fiery Feta Mac & Cheese 9.99
Fiery feta, mozzarella and kaseri cheeses mixed with grilled corn & greek sausage baked with macaroni. Topped with pita crumbs and feta.


All spreads served with our famous warm pita bread.


Tzatziki 6.99
The famous yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip!


Skordalia 6.99
A blend of fresh whipped garlic, potato, olive oil and vinegar.


Spicy Avocado Spread 6.99
Fresh avocados blended with our famous Greek yogurt, jalapenos, garlic, fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Spicy!


Fiery Feta Dip 7.99
Opa!’s favorite, feta cheese, roasted red pepper, olive oil and garlic.


Melitzanosalata 7.99
Fire roasted eggplant, whipped with garlic and all the spices.


Kalamata Spread 6.99
Fresh pressed Kalamata olives blended into a creamy spread that will leave your mouth watering. Try
smothering it all over your pita bread.


The Dip Sampler
Can’t decide? Pick any 3 dips 15.99
Or try them all... 18.99


Side of Grilled Pita 2.99

DIPS TO GO! Now you can take any of your favorite Opa! dips or spreads home with you! Available in pint or quart sizes. Ask your server for details!



Horiataki / Greek Village Salad 10.99
The traditional village salad. Ripe red tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, peppers, kalamata olives, fresh oregano tossed in our Opa! vinaigrette topped with crumbled feta cheese.


Greek Green Salad 9.99
Chopped romaine and spinach, red onions, tomatoes & feta cheese tossed in our Opa! vinaigrette.


Greek Caesar Salad 9.99
Opa!’s version of the classic caesar, hearts of romaine tossed with feta crumbles and kalamata spread, topped with pita croutons.


Greek Beet Salad 10.99
Roasted beets tossed in an olive oil and oregano
vinaigrette. Served over a bed of baby greens centered around a hearty scoop of skordalia, topped with crumbled feta and candied walnuts.


Santorini Chopped Salad 15.99
Chopped romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, artichoke hearts, red & yellow peppers, olives, kasseri cheese, red onions, kalamata olives, grilled chicken & shrimp. This salad has everything but the kitchen sink! Enough to feed 300 hungry Spartans!


Spartan Spinach Salad 11.99
Fresh spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon, hardboiled egg, shallots, crumbled feta and cinnamon walnuts, dressed in a bacon infused vinaigrette.


Greek Chef Salad 14.99
Chopped romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, chopped red onion, grilled chicken, hardboiled egg, bacon and feta crumbles. Served with our Greek ranch dressing or thousand island. Shelby's favorite!

Daily Soup Special 6.99
Ask your server about our daily soup special.


Avgolemono Soup/ Greek Lemon Soup Cup 4.99 Bowl 6.99
The most famous soup of them all! Tender pieces of free range chicken and orzo in a fresh egg lemon fumet.
Add Chicken 4.00 Beef 5.00 Prawns 6.00


Opa! Soup/ Salad Combo 10.99
Your choice of Horiataki, Greek Green or Greek Caesar salad and a cup of soup.

Add 3.00 for Santorini Salad


Add to your salad Chicken 4.00 Beef 5.00 Prawns 6.00



Beef Souvlaki 15.99
Two skewers of marinated filet mignon cubes, grilled and dressed with lemon, oregano and olive oil vinaigrette.


Pork Souvlaki 14.99
Two skewers of fresh cut pork tenderloin, grilled and then sprinkled with fresh oregano and drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil vinaigrette.


Chicken Souvlaki 14.99
Skewered pieces of marinated, grilled chicken breast topped with fresh oregano, lemon juice and olive oil.


Lamb Souvlaki 16.99
Grilled skewers of the finest cut of lamb tenderloin combined with seasonal vegetables, sprinkled with fresh oregano and drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil.


Seafood Souvlaki 16.99
Two skewers of marinated prawns and scallops grilled to perfection, topped with fresh lemon juice.


Vegetarian Souvlaki 14.99
Grilled zucchini, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms, marinated in a light, olive oil vinaigrette.



Opa! Saute 13.99
A healthy mix of sauteed spinach, mushrooms, grilled onions and garlic with your choice of any souvlaki. Perfect for the low-carb diet.


Paidakia/ Lamb Chops 22.99
Three premium grilled, rib cut fresh lamb chops,
smothered in fresh herbs and drenched with a lemon juice vinaigrette.


Filet Mignon 22.99
7oz filet topped with caramalized onions and mushroom demi glaze, finished with a lemon garlic yogurt drizzle and feta crumbles. Served with your choice of grilled asparagus spears or broccoli and Greek wedge potatoes.


Grilled Solomos 19.99
Grilled salmon filet on a bed of sautéed spinach, finished with your choice of Greek oregano and lemon infused olive oil or a Metaxa brandy sauce. Served with Greek wedge potatoes and grilled roma tomatoes.


Moussaka 16.99
Roasted eggplant casserole seasoned with shallots, garlic, fresh thyme, layered with spiced beef and lamb, sliced potatoes and topped with a fresh yogurt bechamel sauce then topped with a fresh yogurt bechamel sauce and baked in a clay pot. Served with a side of our Horiataki salad. Vegetarian option available.


Opa! Lettuce Wraps 12.99
A jubilee of grilled chicken & mixed vegetables, diced jalapeno peppers and pineapple drizzled with our Opa! Olive oil and served in butter lettuce cups with tzatziki.


Fiery Feta Flank Steak 13.99
Grilled flat iron steak, seared to perfection and topped with our famous fiery feta crumble. Served on a sizzling skillet with your choice of Opa! fries, rice pilaf or horta.


Kokinisto Me Manestra 20.99
Slow roasted braised lamb shank served on a bed of Greek orzo pasta topped with Myzithra cheese served with sauteed spinach.


Psari Psito Sti Skhara 22.99
Whole grilled Mediterranean Branzino seasoned with Opa!’s fresh olive oil vinaigrette, served with fresh horta and rustic oven potatoes.


Metaxa Chop 19.99
Broiled 12oz double cut bone-in pork chop, dusted with a spicy paprika dry rub, then glazed with a Greek honey, Dijon, brandy sauce. Accompanied by grilled broccoli spears and garlic mashed potatoes.


Pasticio 15.99
A hearty casserole made of layers of pasta and ground sirloin, seasoned with cloves and nutmeg and topped with a delicious béchamel sauce and baked in a clay pot. Served with a side of our Horiatiki salad. A classic Greek favorite!


Angelo’s Greek Meatloaf 15.99
A blend of ground beef, onions, garlic, secret spices, fresh
breadcrumbs and herbs. Served with a smashin’ side of our famous feta cheese and garlic mashed potatoes. Angelo’s favorite creation!


Greek Seafood Pasta 18.99
Beautifully sautéed clams, mussels, prawns and scallops on a bed of linguine and tomatoes, tossed in a light, garlic, white wine sauce and topped with mizithra cheese.


All of our sandwiches are dressed with Tzatziki sauce garnished with tomatoes, onions and mint. Served with a side of Opa! fries or rice.


Gyro Pita 10.99


Pork Pita 10.99


Beef Pita 11.99


Lamb Pita 12.99


Chicken Pita 10.99


Seafood Pita 12.99
A skewer of marinated prawns and scallops in a pita with all of the trimmings.


Vegetarian Pita 10.99
Grilled zucchini, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms wrapped in a fresh pita with all of the trimmings.


Spicy Cheesy Pita 11.99
Sautéed filet medallions, mozzarella cheese, grilled onions, and spicy jalapeno aioli served in a warm pita.


Loukaniko Pita 10.99
Our traditional Greek sausage served with sauteed onions and bell peppers, wrapped in a warm pita and topped with our famous Opa! sauce.


Greek Cheesesteak Sandwich Gyro 10.99 Chicken 11.99
A blend of gyro meat, sautéed onions and bell peppers blended with mozzarella cheese, served in warm pita and topped with a spicy aioli.


Fiery Feta Burger 11.99
Spiced ground beef patty broiled and then topped with our famous fiery feta spread, chopped Greek pepperoncinis and sliced tomatoes. Served on a toasted bun.


Greek Burger 10.99
A combination of ground beef and lamb served on a toasted bun, topped with tzatziki, ripe tomatoes, red onions & chopped mint.


Substitute Greek Village Salad for an additional 2.99



The Greek 9.99
Tomato sauce, feta, mozzarella, olives, artichokes and greek sausage.


The Spartan 9.99
Tomato sauce, feta, mozzarella, spinach, red onions and portabello mushrooms.


Opa! Deluxe 10.99
Tomato sauce, feta, mozzarella, greek sausage, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms.


Gyro Pizza 9.99
Tzatziki sauce, feta, gyro meat, fresh sliced roma tomatoes, red onions and chopped mint.


The Amalia 10.99
Tomato sauce, melitzanosalata spread, mozzarella, sliced roma tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, olives, roasted garlic, chopped jalapeno and feta.


Assorted Fountain Drinks


Iced Tea


Assorted Hot Teas


Iced Frappe


Greek Coffee


Americano Drip























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